New Guide Released!

11 March, 2008 (22:05) in Site News written by James Yates

I’m so glad I got around to finishing this guide since it is one that has been hanging around in the back of my head for quite some time. Now found in the main menu at the homepage…….the Peg Solitaire guide!! If you’ve ever come across this puzzle, and really who hasn’t at this point (except that when I asked my wife to read the guide she said “huh? what kind of game is Peg Solitaire”…hmmmph) then you’ll secretly be thanking me for providing the optimal 18-move solution in an easy to memorize format when you come across it again. I used to play the puzzle game during dinner outings at Pizza Hut and it was very frustrating to constantly have it waiting for me at the table, unsolved and very satisfied with itself. But then I grew up, made a popular website and exposed it’s secret solution to over a million visitors a year.

Bwaa haa haaaaaaaa.

F’n puzzles. Enjoy :)

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