I won Dad, that means you lose

28 March, 2008 (19:36) in Yada Yada Yada written by James Yates

You could say I’ve been on a downswing lately, at least concerning game playing. To punctuate this point, I’ll begrudgingly let you all in on the disheartening fact that I just lost 7 consecutive games of Hungry, Hungry Hippos. To my 4-year-old. As we headed upstairs he said the title to this post and then forced me to change my office television to Cartoon Network. Pwned, obviously (actually I had a blast, a very refreshing, much needed break).

Poker wise, however, I have bipolar disorder. Either I win/Final Table, or finish approximately dead last. I have a particular streak going in Multi-table tournaments where I lose when ahead AND lose when behind, a.k.a. lose any hand I play for all my chippies. Dominated Ace? Here you go, I didn’t want to double up anyway, hit your card. Over pair to your under pair? Tonight’s menu includes delicious Quads for the underdog, hope you enjoy. Pair of Queens versus A3o that called for 85% of your chips? Luckily we’ve placed 17 Aces in the deck and all of them hit the flop. 96o equals flopped straight all-in preflop versus AA. Rinse, repeat.


I’m thinking I can pinpoint my Poker woes. I may perhaps be falling out of love for the game. It’s a bit too early to tell, but I’m definitely making eyes with Chess again, and she’s wearing a dangerous-looking short skirt (and nerdy glasses with the tape). I’m pretty sure the increasing ultra-competitive streak doesn’t help, either, and it’s starting to overwhelm my outlook on the game. If I win a sit-n-go I think, well that’s what’s supposed to happen. When I take 7th out of 850 I think to myself jeez I can’t get deep in these things. Something just isn’t clicking for me right now, although my play is at it’s strongest level since I started playing the game regularly about one year ago. We’ll just have to wait and see, but unfortunately this will impact the timeline for our Hold’em strategy guides since I’m just not feeling it, at least not at the level of attention required to produce the quality I’m aiming for. I’ll post updates soon.

And I’m going to build an uneven Hungry, Hungry Hippos board tilted to my Hippooooooooooooooos.

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