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16 May, 2008 (21:19) in Yada Yada Yada written by James Yates

Ha! I just ran into a pretty cool video that brought back some memories about the oooooooooooooold days of video games. The nicely edited mini-masterpiece lives at:

The short titled ‘Game Over’ is a stop-motion rendering of some of the more famous Atari-style video games like Frogger and PacMan. The crazy thing is that while most of us will recognize the imagery that matches up with the actual elements of the game (hilariously replacing them with clay foods and even candle missles) the thing I immediately noticed, on an almost primal level, was THE SOUND.

Yes. Hearing some of the game sounds that I once took for granted, staring blindly at a blinking screen and pushing the SINGLE game action button put me into a sort of game flashback state. The unique sound the frog in Frogger (did that guy have a name?) makes when he jumps back and forth sent a horrifying but strangely enjoyable hand-eye-coordination shockwave through my system, immediately forcing my mind into a jump-here-no-jump-there-no-backup-no-go-forward-SPLAT series of thoughts. The basic sounds of the other games as well, like PacMan, had the exact same effect.

That made me think of video games today…and then that made me think that I hadn’t even played my Playstation 2 in over a year…and then that made me think oh man now there’s a Playstation 3 and how even it is kind of old now. Jeez. But if I had to guess, I would say that today’s games focus much more on amazing graphics than they do memorable sounds. Oh wait, maybe not.

As I was writing this my wife returned from shopping and started telling me mid-post (yes, your significant other will start telling you very pertinent stories about their day during the last 1:24 of your teams playoff game as well) about a kid who basically almost passed out with excitement after his mom revealed that she was buying him a Guitar Hero guitar. Does that game depend on catchy sounds or….Hmmm. Uh-oh, another flashback. I remember having that exact same reaction when I found out I was getting Tecmo Super Bowl (probably my all-time favorite video game). I’m thinking I feel a video game relapse coming on. Yep.

Anyways…since you’re already taking the time out of your day to navigate through my random brain-processes allow me to direct you to another all-time favorite link of mine: David Wong’s Gamer Manifesto. Just. Plain. Brilliant. Enjoy!

Editors Note: James feels sorry for those of you who do not have A.D.D. and lol’s @ the phrase “my mind was a total blank”. He also cannot figure out how to open the plastic covering on new CD’s and wonders if dolphins really do try to have sex with humans. He also just remembered that he is VERY afraid of sharks.


Comment from Michiel Van Kets
Time August 6, 2012 at 10:58 pm

I think you will find that nowadays the most talked about games platform is the Apple ios. They have recreated many of the games that we associate with the 80’s 90’s etc. Asteroids, Pacman ……… you name it. And all on a hand-held device!

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