Pan Down …. We’ve Got Wii

24 March, 2009 (20:38) in Yada Yada Yada written by James Yates

Keeping with my trend of getting “into” things about 2-3 years later than everyone else (they haven’t invented hover boards yet right) I finally purchased the Wii gaming console. Have you heard about these things? They have motion controllers and are way, make that WAY, unbelievably cool! I noticed three Wii’s in a local store and debated buying one for the entire weekend, which for people with ADD means that I totally forgot about them until somebody asked me how my wiikend went (at least that’s how it spelled out in my mind anyway). Oh, yeah, go buy the Wii, right now, focus. Do not let your mind wonder why they call those things kids wear at the pool “Floaties” or “Water Wings” and not “Super Cool Air Muscles with Spider Man Tattoos Flexed Mightily for all Lifeguard Babes”.

3hrs and one very satisfying debit card sweep later, the Wii was finally in my possession and just looking at the crisp white glossy box….the universe felt somehow more complete. I hadn’t purchased a gaming console since the Playstation 2 so I had to figure out how to connect it to my TV old-person-where-does-the-dang-red-one-go-I-give-up-oh-ok-that-works-sweet style but once it was hooked up the Wii instantly breathed to life. Of course, everyone in the house had to give it a try six maybe seven times, and even after it was lil kids bedtime the wii stayed awake with us, tempting us to skip jobs/chores/hygiene and stay up for 9 straight days to master bowling and probably tennis. I think we’re going to like it just fine, and as soon as I can bowl a simple 300 (which shouldn’t be that hard right) I’ll be able to master the other games as well. Next on the list….ginormous-mega flat screen imo. Then it’s time to buy more games….but which ones?

*bonus points if you got the revenge of the nerds reference in the title :)


Comment from Nicole
Time March 24, 2009 at 8:46 pm

“I drink to that”… Yeah the Wii is super fun, but it is keeping me from getting anything done around the house, and now my arm really hurts ;) But it is so worth it!

Comment from James Yates
Time March 24, 2009 at 8:52 pm


Comment from Barbara
Time April 12, 2009 at 10:25 pm

Thank you, James. I am now a Wii convert. You had me at my first avitar. Wii had so much fun at your Easter Bowl-a-rama. Wiill there be more wii adventures at future holiday get-togethers? Wiish I were better at it. It kinda hurts the old ego to be beaten down by a five year old (even though he is an exceptionally advanced and talented Wii opponent). Remind me when I am sore tomorrow that I had a Wii bit too much fun this evening.

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