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9 August, 2009 (15:19) in Yada Yada Yada written by James Yates

Even though I’ve been extremely busy with various life/web projects I’m glad to say I’ve got a bit accomplished and have the Speed Cubing guide about 80% finished to my liking and also am actively reviewing potential advertisers again after taking a brief hiatus from our overwhelming email load. Thanks to everyone who writes in with very kind words and know that even though I don’t have much time to respond I read every letter we get and think they’re pretty cool :)


I’ve recently been introduced to a very cool website called which is basically 1000x cooler than you would think. I’ve been working through all of the pages and I literally can’t stop reading them they are so flippin’ hilarious. the level of comedy on these is certainly top-notch stuff so do yourself a favor and browse them ASAP.

In the Poker news arena, anyone who follows the game must have heard by now that Phil Ivey has made the WSOP 2009 Main Event final table, which is amazing and exciting for me personally and the sport in general. The guy is awesome and the level of excitement come November will reach a peak that hopefully will pull down huge TV rankings and revitalize interest in the game of Poker.

And since I’m being my usual random, scatter-brained self I’d also like to post this YouTube video my wife just sent me because 1) It is unquestionably f’n cool/amazing/impossible. How does he play the hardest song on the hardest difficulty level while also one-hand solving 2 rubiks cubes?? he’s using his elbow to strum 2) I think it’s cool that we will soon be able to time travel in the next few years because he’s going to work on that project once he enters High School and finally 3) I’m pre-voting for him as president 2050. enjoy.

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