The Chess Bug Has Bitten Again!

3 July, 2010 (20:21) in Chess written by James Yates

Hi everyone! I’m back after a predictably long absence from blogging with my usual excuse of absolutely no free time to be found. When I do find a few minutes here and there I’ve found myself being drawn back into studying Chess, which inevitably leads me into developing the long dormant Blitz Chess Strategy Guide which has been off the books now for quite some time. So take heart that I haven’t forgotten about it (completely, anyways) and one day it might actually see it’s project completion date in the distant horizon!

Here are a few videos of some top level GrandMaster (GM) Blitz Chess games I’ve found on Youtube, and check back as I’ve already selected quite a few of them for display on our humble blog. I’ve watched, and played, many games recently online and videos like these just get my blood pumping and make me want to play even more. If you’re a Chess enthusiast, please enjoy these three videos and if you aren’t, well maybe these will turn you on to the game since the action is fast and furious and at the GM level still very sharp and beautiful.

Todays selection features Magnus Carlsen, the highest rated Classical Chess player in the world at the moment and one heck of a Blitz Chess player to boot:

The first video starts off just after the opening it seems, and we get to watch two top-notch GMs battle it out with a tense, super-fast ending. Watch the time on the clocks in the background, the action is thrilling!

The second vid shows Magnus taking on former World Champion Ruslan Ponomarev in another tense battle:

And finally GM Carlsen takes on GM Hikaru Nakamura, a dominating figure in the Blitz Chess world whom many consider to be the best Blitz and Bullet player around. We’ll be seeing more of Hikaru in my upcoming Blitz Chess posts :)

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