Hikaru Nakamura Blitz Chess Super Grandmaster

5 July, 2010 (11:46) in Chess written by James Yates

I’m back already with a new collection of Blitz Chess videos, this time featuring the opponent of Magnus Carlsen in the very last video from my previous post: GM Hikaru Nakamura. The American Chess player is a two-time United States Chess Champion and one of the highest rated players in the world, currently sitting at 19th overall in the recent FIDE Top-100 list with a staggering 2729 rating. But what you might not know about this Super GM is that he is arguably the most feared Blitz Chess player to have ever walked the planet!

The following videos cover just a few of the many thousands of Blitz Chess victories Hikaru has scored, and I have to say I am simply blown away by his accuracy, speed of play and depth of understanding. What’s his secret, I’d like to find out! Be forewarned, this guy is unbelievable at Blitz Chess and has a huge fan base to show for it. Here are a few vids from an amazing player and definitely my new hero, Hikaru Nakamura:

The first video is one of my faves. AT 0:57 Nakamura’s opponent GM Varuzhan Akobian grabs his already captured Queen out of Naka’s collected pieces, which signifies that he believes he’ll soon promote his pawn. This massively optimistic outlook is quickly dismissed by a visibly annoyed Nakamura who glares at him and asks, “Are you kidding?” He then proceeds to play like a man provoked and ends up working Akobian over until the unfortunate players flag finally falls and he (thankfully) runs out of time on his clock. Instant classic!

Here are some games from the ICC (Internet Chess Club) where Naka just obliterates some top notch opposition. Amazing work here, especially considering they are actually playing Bullet Chess where each player only gets one minute to complete the game:

Another entry is a replay of Nakamura’s victory over the Rybka chess program (as Black) on the ICC, which features a humorous ending where he exploits the computers distaste for accepting the draw since it is up in material and instead makes several poor choices instead to avoid the 50-move without a capture draw rule. Hikaru then proceeds to punish the program by comically promoting his entire pawn army to Knights and then marching them towards an impressive checkmate victory:

And lastly, since I ended the Magnus post with his victory over Hikaru it’s only right that I include the flipside of their battles and Nakamura taking out his fellow wunderkind. I wish the camera angle was better but a good game nonetheless, and Nakamura went on to win the match and the Blitz Norway 2009 Championship by taking out Magnus again in game #4:


Comment from Brandon Slots
Time November 15, 2011 at 2:10 am

I am simply impressed at how fast this man plays. Before I even have time to see what move he made, he already lade his second move. The online match was also as impressive. I hope I have the chance to witness more matches from him.

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