Speedcubing Guide Update…and Feliks Zemdegs

22 May, 2011 (09:35) in Site News written by James Yates

As I approach the final stages of the long-awaited Speed Cubing Guide, I came across this video featuring one of my favorite speed cubers, Feliks Zemdegs. Hailing from Australia, Feliks has set the bar for the speed cubing world with his lightning fast solves with a current best of 6.24 seconds at press time. You read that correctly, he has fully solved a completely scrambled cube in 6.24 seconds! Wow. His dad captured a similar moment on video and has a nifty slow-motion playback showing the artistry of the speed cubing legend-in-the-making so that every one outside of a hummingbird can follow along as he solves the cube in a blindingly fast 6.65 seconds. It’s perfectly acceptable to drool imo….because it’s practically unbelievable!

So how did he get that fast? Here’s another great vid titled the road to 6.77, a well produced video from a very proud papa following the laid back wunderkind on his quest to break World Records which he finally accomplishes with a breathtaking 6.77 second solve…..only trumped by the preceding mind-numbing time above. He also holds titles in 2×2, 4×4 and 5×5 categories, just to name a few. In the time it took you to read these few paragraphs, he’s probably broken a few more:

There will be plenty more speed cubing videos to come, I just have to stop watching them (and speed solving my own cubes) long enough so that I can get my guide done! I’m now also working on a 2×2 guide since I’ve become pretty fast at it too ;) Enjoy!


Comment from Brandon Stanton
Time May 25, 2011 at 10:12 pm

Hey James, I run a website called humansofnewyork.com. I wrote a story about an encounter I had with a Chess Hustler at Washington Square Park, and I thought that it may make an interesting post for the site. He was a very interesting man and had some interesting philosophies.
The Chess Hustler: http://www.humansofnewyork.com/2011/04/08/the-chess-hustler/

Comment from James
Time October 17, 2012 at 12:07 am

That is such an awesome feat! I can’t even complete a single face of the cube, what more the entire block! And to know that the record holder of just 6.6s is a really young boy, I am a little embarrassed of myself. Maybe I will start getting my son to take this art instead. Who knows he might just break the world record in the near future? This is also a good activity for brain stimulation and gets children to think of various strategies and in turn making them more alert and active.

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