Feliks Zemdegs Sets New Rubik’s Cube World Record 5.66 sec

25 June, 2011 (15:03) in Yada Yada Yada written by James Yates

Feliks Zemdegs just set a new Rubik’s Cube World Record for a single solve with an unbelievable time of 5.66 secs. If that’s not awe-inspiring, I don’t know what is. Here’s the YouTube video:

Congrats to Feliks on his amazing solve! I think I hear someone saying, “Dad he’s sub-6!” at the end, that’s awesome. But now I have to change the title of my upcoming page to Pretty-Fast Cubing tho….it doesn’t feel right calling it Speed Cubing in comparison to this madness :)


Comment from James
Time October 17, 2012 at 2:32 am

This is quite unbelievable. On the Chess and Poker blog, I expected more about chess sets, chess games and chess pieces, but this takes the cake: the Rubik’s Cube World Record at 5.66 seconds! I wonder if anyone has since broken the record. However, to even achieve that kind of timing is simply quite insane, or inhuman! I am surprised no one seems to have commented on their amazement. Some of the other postings or entries on this site are also interesting, including on Magnus Carlsen, the “Mozart of Chess”. I wonder what the world record for a chess game is and if anyone has recorded the game movement, chess piece by chess piece.

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