Chess Videos!

28 May, 2012 (20:58) in Chess written by James Yates

Found a new-to-me Chess video featuring Magnus Carlsen while I was researching away on the ol’ Youtube. Enjoy, I found it fascinating!


Comment from James
Time November 9, 2012 at 2:41 am

This boy is truly amazing. How has he managed to achieve what he possesses right now in the Chess world at such a young age? He played 10 players concurrently without even looking at the chess sets and defeated an opponent when given only one minute while his opponent had 3 minutes. That is indeed amazing! His parents must be so proud! I think I would gladly enrol my 1-year-old son to a Chess programme when he turns 3 and hope Chess would assist to nurture his young mind to be active and intelligent even before he starts kindergarten.

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