Back of the Napkin

I’ve always been a fan of games, and creating strategy guides to develop my understanding of them has proven to be a great way of gaining a deeper connection with their rules and elements, which ultimately control the action from “behind the scenes” with inherent probabilities and influence. I’m usually happily going about the business of the day when unexpectedly I stumble across a new game that suddenly captures my attention and demands to be investigated. Whenever one of these undiscovered time-suckers crops up, I try to quickly scribble down as much of the initial rush of information that floods into my thoughts about how to beat it as I can. I’ll grab anything in my vicinity to put it down to paper, since I have an extremely fleeting span of attention. The ideas are often mapped out on the back of napkins, post-it notes, sides of boxes and even a hand or forearm from time to time.

When I’m looking for games to study (or play) I will sometimes become so interested in one that I decide to write a full-featured strategy guide for all of our visitors to delve into on the site. However, just as often I’ll get completely addicted to a game that I can’t seem to make an entire guide for, due to time constraints or multiple other factors. Heck, sometimes I just solve it too quickly and there’s not that much to write about or I get stumped by it like everyone else! For these guides, the smaller but nevertheless addictive game varieties, I’ve created a section of our blog I’m calling “Back of the Napkin”. Here you’ll find tiny nuggets of game strategy for numerous games that haven’t quite made it to the main site (yet?) but demand attention anyway due to their great playability.

I look forward to your comments about these pages, since I will probably not understand some of the games at the same level as an experienced player. I’m effectively just a passer-by with a short guide and basic understanding for these games, so be sure to contact us if you’d like to pitch in with an idea of your own. I hope you’ll enjoy this section as much as I do. Have fun!

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