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Anatomy of a Checkmate

10 March, 2013 (14:21) | Chess | By: James Yates

Just a quick lil video from GM Alexandra Kosteniuk where she checkmates GM Wang Hao in a blitz match (much to his surprise) in super…slow…motion…complete with a satisfying grimace at the end from GM Hao when he realizes taking the pawn with his Knight has left the g2 square undefended and vulnerable to the Queen […]

Chess Videos!

28 May, 2012 (20:58) | Chess | By: James Yates

Found a new-to-me Chess video featuring Magnus Carlsen while I was researching away on the ol’ Youtube. Enjoy, I found it fascinating!

Kasparov vs. Karpov Classic Chess Rivalry

19 July, 2010 (17:33) | Chess | By: James Yates

One of the greatest rivalry’s of all time, the Garry Kasparov – Anatoly Karpov matches provided some of the most engrossing moments in recent Chess history. With their vast style differences, Kasparov’s active love for the attack and Karpov’s ice-cold positional mastery, their games showcased a battle of personalities and sparked some of the greatest […]

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov Crushes Blitz Chess

9 July, 2010 (19:08) | Chess | By: James Yates

Yep. While I’m working on the new Speed Cubing guide (I keep getting stuck on trivial things bleh) I inevitably fire up some Chess vids to get the creative juices pumping. Here we’ll have a look at my newest subject: GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, who is an absolute BEAST in both the Blitz Chess and Classical […]

Hikaru Nakamura Blitz Chess Super Grandmaster

5 July, 2010 (11:46) | Chess | By: James Yates

I’m back already with a new collection of Blitz Chess videos, this time featuring the opponent of Magnus Carlsen in the very last video from my previous post: GM Hikaru Nakamura. The American Chess player is a two-time United States Chess Champion and one of the highest rated players in the world, currently sitting at […]

The Chess Bug Has Bitten Again!

3 July, 2010 (20:21) | Chess | By: James Yates

Hi everyone! I’m back after a predictably long absence from blogging with my usual excuse of absolutely no free time to be found. When I do find a few minutes here and there I’ve found myself being drawn back into studying Chess, which inevitably leads me into developing the long dormant Blitz Chess Strategy Guide […]