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Guess The Google by Grant Robinson is an addictive, creative little game that has players interpreting a set of results returned from Google images and then furiously typing in their answers in an attempt to beat the clock and earn as many points as they can. It is a lightning-quick game where you must instantly recognize a large group of pictures and simultaneously type in your single-word answer, which makes it both extremely frustrating and instantly re-playable! I’ve only discovered this game recently, but I can tell that it is loved by the masses just based on the number of players competing for the top spot on the daily leader board that accompanies the game.

A player clicks the button to start the game, followed by a three-second countdown that reveals the first set of images. It’s a pretty neat concept in that the images are actually the top results returned when you search for the keyword answer in Google images. And the images change dynamically, since each round begins with the program fetching the current results and then popping them into the window for players to use. Very cool. You try to figure out the one keyword that you think would return these results and receive 20pts for a correct answer and, more importantly, a bonus number of points equal to the number of seconds left on the countdown timer. But let me tell you, this game is tough and requires some finger dexterity and fast thinking to be successful.

For example, let’s say you’ve clicked the start button, the countdown ends and your first set of images displays. You quickly scan the block of photos and notice that there is an awful lot of red in most of the pictures. You type in the keyword ‘red’ into the game and it amazingly says, “Correct!”. Sweet, this is easy, right? Uh oh, the next one is already coming up, have to get ready…jeez this time there are all sorts of different images. A beautiful skyline, the eiffel tower, paris hilton…oh, it’s ‘Paris’ isn’t it! And so the game proceeds. Once you’ve worked your way through the ten-round series a couple of times you’ll become more and more familiar with the results, and will the be ready to contend for the daily leaderboard. Thankfully, the first letter of each answer is given as a hint at the end of the countdown if you were unable to figure it out.

An incredibly simple but irresistible game, Guess-the-Google is definitely on my list of time wasters. I’ve provided an alphabetized list of the keywords in the game at the end of the article to help out with those results that might be stumping you, but be advised that some of them are definitely challenging to type in under a second. In fact, it would seem that a perfect score would be 390 since you receive 20pts for a correct answer and then a 19pt bonus for the 19secs remaining on your clock after an instant answer (unless a superhuman player comes along that is capable of typing in one of the keywords in less than one second) . Here’s a quick summary of the types of keywords you’ll be facing, and then the promised mother-load of finger-cramping goodness: the Guess-the-Google keyword solution list.

Easy Keywords

Colors: These should be good score-boosters, as they are usually very easy to spot. If you see orange in every picture (including a picture of an actual orange) then the answer is an instant ‘orange’. Same goes for red, green, yellow, purple and blue.

Pics with Words: Sometimes the results will even have the keyword spelled out for you on some of the images. For example, one result had the word ‘innocence’ on it which made it easy to solve, except that my fingers refused to type it out correctly even though I was staring right at it :(

Hard Keywords

Multiple Subjects: There are some tougher results to figure out to be sure. For example, ‘kitsch’ is one of the keywords that will return a vast array of different pics that seemingly have no connection. When I played it showed a velvet painting of Jesus and a portrait of a chihuahua. Ok then.

Similiar Images: One of the other monkey wrenches I encountered was deciding between keywords like ‘atm’ and ‘kiosk’. Both results brought back computer stations that at first glance both looked like automated teller machines. Apparently, the program didn’t agree that they were that similiar. F’n computers.

D’oh Keywords (very difficult)

If you’re competing for the top of the leader boards, you better hope you don’t have words like ‘quidditch’ (the Harry Potter game) or ‘onomatopoeia’ (a word that imitates the sound it is describing) in the mix or you’re going to have to type much faster than I can, and I’m pretty, pretty, pretty good. These keywords are just sadistic Grant! Why’d you have to go an ruin my dominating score on the 10/10 keyword? Also, one of the keywords requires the English spelling (colour) or it won’t work, and several of the result batches are just downright confusing. That’s obviously why I’ve only achieved a score of 387 :)

Here’s the COMPLETE master list of Guess-the-Google Keywords. UPDATE: Now in easy-to-view table layout. Have fun and good luck!

  • apple
  • arctic
  • art
  • athens
  • atm
  • avatar
  • bald
  • ball
  • bangkok
  • bark
  • beer
  • big
  • bling
  • blue
  • bored
  • bow
  • burn
  • calm
  • chaos
  • colour
  • communism
  • concert
  • cool
  • corridor
  • culture
  • cycle
  • dance
  • delhi
  • desperate
  • dread
  • email
  • family
  • food
  • force
  • fries
  • game
  • geek
  • google
  • green
  • hate
  • herb
  • indigestion
  • innocence
  • jesus
  • karaoke
  • kiosk
  • kitsch
  • land
  • latitude
  • london
  • love
  • machine
  • map
  • measure
  • meat
  • money
  • mouse
  • mullet
  • museum
  • network
  • nightmare
  • noise
  • old
  • onomatopoeia
  • orange
  • paris
  • party
  • peace
  • pet
  • pie
  • pimple
  • play
  • politic
  • pollution
  • protest
  • purple
  • quidditch
  • radiation
  • red
  • rhizome
  • row
  • sake
  • satellite
  • share
  • silence
  • sleep
  • speed
  • storm
  • subway
  • sunset
  • sydney
  • type
No U's or V's
  • war
  • water
  • wellington
  • wind
  • window
  • yellow
No X's or Z's


Comment from Icepaw
Time June 7, 2009 at 1:31 pm

thank you so much! this really will help for the next time i play

Comment from Richard
Time November 5, 2009 at 1:36 am

Really fun game, I’ve seen similar things before but I have to admit this is the most elegant of all the designs I’ve seen. I just played a few rounds and really liked it, but boo on you for putting up a list of keywords! What’s the fun in that?

Comment from Joost
Time May 15, 2010 at 8:44 am

Thanks for the list! I didn’t figure wellington, bangkok and shamingly nightmare out… onomatoeipa is a ridicilous word (i come from holland so some of the words are hard to figure out) But still I”have achieved a highscore of 389 :) Thanks for the table!

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