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Old 09-25-2009, 05:51 PM
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Default Klondike Solitaire Strategy


I am writing about your Solitaire strategy guide. Specifically, I am seeking your permission to use it, and I'm also asking about its origin.

Why am I asking? I am in a AI Machine Learning class at Stanford University. For my final project I intend to write a computer program that learns to play solitaire effectively. This program will not be used commerically.

In order to set a baseline and a goal, I've written a program that plays Klondike solitaire and calls out to a 'move decider' at each decision point.

So far, I've only written a dumb decider that randomly chooses. This will be the low baseline.

Now I want to write a smart decider following your strategy guide. I will give you credit in my final project. May I use your decider and may I give you credit?

What is the origin of your strategy guide? I play solitaire quite often and have developed my own private set of rules that are very similar to yours. Is your strategy from human trial and error, or is there a more methodical approach behind it?


Dave Willis
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Old 09-25-2009, 06:10 PM
Dave Willis Dave Willis is offline
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Red face

Well, I made a mistake. I have actually modelled my game after teh Radica hand held solitaire game. They have a different definition of Vegas and Klondike than you do. Sorry about that!
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Old 09-25-2009, 07:10 PM
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Hi Dave welcome to the Forums

The two Solitaire strategy guides I developed are "human-based" algorithms for the Klondike and Vegas variations of the game, intended to streamline the thought process of optimally solving the board. there are certainly sharper brute-force algorithms that computers could take advantage of since they would not have to remember such things as what foods are missing from the grocery list while it was playing, instead tirelessly focusing on the correct play with perfect memory of all known information. If you'd like any input on the more optimized computer version (for the Wes Cherry/Microsoft version of Klondike Solitaire) just shoot me an email and I'd be glad to have a look at your ideas.

as far as my solving process goes, I typically work at breaking down seemingly large problems into smaller, more manageable segments...and then repeating this until the simplification becomes counterproductive. I also attempt to gain a deep understanding of the rules governing play, the general goals and what constitutes a "win" and finally how I can exploit one to achieve the other

good luck with your project!
Questions/Concerns? Private Message me and I'll be glad to help!
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